For a listing of All our adult Highland inventories, (Male or Female), Please Call: 719-510-1102. ".

Stirling Agricultural Centre Stirling, FK9 4RN, UK info@highlandcattlesociety.


Happy Hens & Highlands Farm, Micaville, North Carolina. . Story & Photos By Tom Fuller – Cattle have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and Highland cattle are by far the most memorable and entertaining breed of my cattle raising.


There are many uses for Scottish Highland cattle. Our Bulls. .

Our cattle are raised naturally on pasture year round. We never use sub therapeutic antibiotics or hormones on our herd.


They get daily attention and love getting brushed and fed treats.

Hall Hill Farm Shop. Ritchie Highland Cattle Handling Chute - 337G.

In short, they are very good converters and extremely hardy, which is why you will see them in a variety of environments from mixed farms in the lowlands, to very rough grazing on. Our Bulls.

With the amount of beef that comes from this breed of cattle, they are popular for consumption.
Own Consumption.

Our cattle are raised naturally on pasture year round.

A versatile, docile and long-lived breed. . We have been breeding Highland cattle since 1989.

Highland Cow Fur #1 #animal #fur #decor. Highland Cattle have a variety of characteristics that make them suitable for many different type of breeders and beef producers, and many different farming systems. The cattle’s straight, sturdy legs and large, well-set hooves round out the general appearance of the breed. What makes these cattle even more special is that they are in fact the oldest registered cattle breed in the world, and even then, the origins of the breed far predate the publication of a formal herd book. With wet winters followed by comfortable summers, pastures and forests can sustain these varied grazers throughout the year on a natural diet. .

Where to buy Highland Beef Pure Highland Beef is available at discerning restaurants and foodie pubs in Scotland and across the UK.

. The Highland cow is a Scottish breed of cattle, found all over the UK.

Raising your own Highland cattle comes with lots of uses, from having your own food source to gaining profit.

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